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Municipal Code

The City of Sturgeon Bay makes the Municipal Code available to residents and interested parties via this web site. Please note that there are often changes to the code throughout the year, however the file that you will link to here, is updated two times a year (typically June and December.)

You are welcome to utilized this link as an excellent source of information, however any questions should be directed to 920-746-2900 for the most current updates.

The following ordinances have been adopted by the Common Council but are not included in the link below.  The link below is updated approximately every 6 months. Please take this into consideration while reviewing the City of Sturgeon Bay ordinances.

Ordinance number 1412-1022  Nonmoving Violations adopted 10-4-2022
Ordinance number 1421-0223 Zoning Code-Dimensional Requirements adopted 2-21-2023
Ordinance number 1422-0323 Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces Prohibited adopted 3-7-2023
Ordinance number 1423-0423 Zoning Code-Efficiency Style Apartments Square Footage adopted-4-18-23 
View the City of Sturgeon Bay Municipal Code