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Committees & Commissions

Interested in serving on a committee or commission as a Citizen Member?  Please complete the Committee Member Application and return to Stephanie Reinhardt, or drop off at City Hall, 421 Michigan St.  Thank you for your interest in local government.
2023-2024 Officers and Committees Listing

Ad Hoc Westside Waterfront Planning Committee

Board of Public Works

City Plan Commission

Finance/Purchasing & Building Committee

Personnel Committee

Parks & Recreation Board

Parks & Recreation Committee

Local Transportation Board

Community Protection & Services

Zoning Board of Appeals

Utility Commission

Fire & Police Commission

Sturgeon Bay Harbor Commission

Historic Preservation Commission

Board of Review

Sturgeon Bay Waterfront Redevelopment Authority

Cable Communication System Advisory Council

Loan Review Committee/Revolving Loan Committee

Industrial Park Development Review Team

Aesthetic Design & Site Plan Review Board

Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board

Library Board

Local Arts Board

Local Transportation Board

Ad Hoc Bradley Lake Committee