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2017 Engineering Projects15 documents

  • Colorado Street from N 8th Avenue to N 7th Place.pdf
    document _recordid 92
  • Erie Street from N 6th Avenue to N 6th Place.pdf
    document _recordid 91
  • N 7th Avenue from Florida Street to Erie Street.pdf
    document _recordid 90
  • Delaware Street from N 8th Avenue to Cherry Court.pdf
    document _recordid 89
  • Circle Ridge Place from S Tomahawk Avenue to S Tomahawk Avenue 375 East.pdf
    document _recordid 88
  • Tacoma Beach Road from Clay Banks Road to Clay Banks Road 490 East.pdf
    document _recordid 87
  • W Redwood Street from S Lansing Avenue to S Hudson Avenue.pdf
    document _recordid 86
  • N 10th Place from N 11th Place to Jefferson Place.pdf
    document _recordid 85
  • Sidewalks at Hospital Campus.pdf
    document _recordid 84
  • W Hickory Street N Joliet Avenue to N Duluth Avenue (curbing spot replacements).pdf
    document _recordid 83
  • W Hickory Street N Joliet Avenue to N Duluth Avenue (water main relocations).pdf
    document _recordid 82
  • W Hickory Street N Hudson Avenue to N Geneva Avenue.pdf
    document _recordid 81
  • N 4th Avenue Florida Street to Delaware Street.pdf
    document _recordid 80
  • Executive Summary.pdf
    document _recordid 79
  • 2017 Project Overview.pdf
    document _recordid 78

2018 Engineering Projects11 documents

  • W Hickory Street (from N Duluth Avenue-CTH C to N Joliet Avenue).pdf
    document _recordid 105
  • Duluth Avenue-CTH C (from Hwy 42-57 to W Elm Street).pdf
    document _recordid 104
  • Intersection of Madison Avenue and Pine Street.pdf
    document _recordid 103
  • S 18th Avenue (from Rhode Island Street to Utah Street).pdf
    document _recordid 102
  • Georgia Street (from N 18th Avenue to N 19th Avenue).pdf
    document _recordid 101
  • N 3rd Avenue (from Jefferson Street to Iowa Street).pdf
    document _recordid 100
  • N 12th Avenue (from Georgia Street to Louisiana Street).pdf
    document _recordid 99
  • N 12th Avenue (from Egg Harbor Road to Georgia Street).pdf
    document _recordid 98
  • Texas Street (from S 9th Avenue to S 10th Avenue).pdf
    document _recordid 97
  • N 4th Avenue (from Delaware Street to 710 north of Delaware Street).pdf
    document _recordid 95
  • Executive Summary 2018 Capital Plan.pdf
    document _recordid 94

2019 Engineering Projects10 documents

  • Sidewalk addition on the north side of Florida St from N 7th.pdf
    document _recordid 116
  • W Elm Street (from N Hudson Ave to N Duluth Ave).pdf
    document _recordid 115
  • S Kendale Ave (from W Pine Street to Termination).pdf
    document _recordid 114
  • Alabama Street (from N 3rd Ave to 250' west of N 3rd Ave).pdf
    document _recordid 113
  • N 3rd Ave (from Delaware St to Alabama St).pdf
    document _recordid 112
  • Georgia Street (from N 5th Ave to 580' east of N 5th Ave).pdf
    document _recordid 111
  • Georgia Street (from 580' east of N 5th Ave to N 8th Ave).pdf
    document _recordid 110
  • Georgia Street (from N 4th Ave to N 5th Ave).pdf
    document _recordid 109
  • Georgia Street (from N 3rd Ave to N 4th Ave).pdf
    document _recordid 108
  • Executive Summary 5 Year Capital Plan and 2019 Capital Roadway Improvements.pdf
    document _recordid 107

2020 Engineering Projects3 documents

  • 2020 Roadway Project Plans.pdf
    document _recordid 120
  • 2020 Roadway Project Descriptions.pdf
    document _recordid 119
  • 2020 Roadway Project Listing-Locations.pdf
    document _recordid 118

2021 Engineering Projects6 documents

  • 2021 Roadway Project Plans
    document _recordid 199
  • 2021 Roadway Project Descriptions
    document _recordid 198
  • 2021 Roadway Project Listing - Locations
    document _recordid 197

2022 Engineering Projects3 documents

  • 2022 Roadway Project Plans.pdf
    document _recordid 263
  • 2022 Roadway Project Descriptions.pdf
    document _recordid 262
  • 2022 Roadway Project Listing Locations.pdf
    document _recordid 261

2023 Engineering Projects3 documents

  • 2023 Roadway Project Listing - Locations.pdf
    document _recordid 274
  • 2023 Roadway Project Descriptions.pdf
    document _recordid 273
  • 2023 Roadway Project Plans.pdf
    document _recordid 272

2024 Engineering Projects3 documents

  • 2024 Roadway Project Listing - Locations
    document _recordid 288
  • 2024 Roadway Project Descriptions
    document _recordid 286
  • 2024 Roadway Project Plans
    document _recordid 285