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The purpose and tasks of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board are to provide a group of interested and qualified citizens to assist in implementing the various bicycling and pedestrian related plans, goals, and policies of the city; to assist in the necessary future planning and budgeting for bicycle and pedestrian facilities; and to promote bicycling and walking as modes of travel and recreation.

Bike Friendly Community

The Bicycle Friendly Community Program, in its current format, has been around for about 2003. Its goal is to improve quality of life and economic conditions by transforming communities and strengthening sustainability and transportation choices. The BFC Program provides incentives, hands on assistance, grant funding assistance, and award recognition for communities that actively support bicycling. In the fall of 2012, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board asked the Sturgeon Bay Common Council for permission to apply for a Bicycle Friendly Status Award to improve cycling and its benefits in the community. Permission was granted, but the process was long and involved. It took many hours of staff and Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Board time for the application to be completed, submitted, and eventually approved. Each year the League of American Bicyclists (www.BIKELEAGUE.ORG) evaluates each state by a complex matrix and publishes the results. Wisconsin ranks 29th among the 50 states. There are only 496 bronze or higher rated Bike Friendly Communities in the country. Only approximately 30% of the communities who request applications complete the application process, and only 35% of those completing applications receive bronze or above awards. The City of Sturgeon Bay, with its Bronze Award, is one of only ten Wisconsin communities to attain a Bike Friendly Award. See the link for our current Bicycle Friendly Communities score card.
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Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

Committee Members

  • Chairman Kirsten Reeths
  • Vice Chairman Brian Weiss  
  • Cameryn Ehlers-Kwaterski
  • Mark Smullen