Committees & Commissions

Board of Public Works

Mayor Thad Birmingham, Kelly Catarozoli, Ronald Vandertie, David Ward, Rick Wiesner, Barbara Allmann, Stewart Fett, Laurel Hauser [Meets at the call of the Chairperson]

This committee of the Common Council performs all duties of the board of public works required by the general charter law. They also look after all the streets and public places in the city and all such other duties as may be required or prescribed from time to time by the council.

City Plan Commission

Rick Wiesner, Chr., Ron Vandertie, Michael Gilson, Steve Hurley, Jeff Norland, Dennis Statz, Robert Starr [Meets the third Wednesday of each month – 6:00 p.m.]

The Plan Commission prepares and adopts the master plan for the physical development of the city. Among its other duties are to make reports and recommendations relating to the plan and development of the city to public officials and agencies, prepare and recommend a Zoning District Plan and regulations to the Common Council, prepare and recommend land division regulations to the Common Council. It may recommend to the mayor or council, programs for public improvements and the financing thereof.

Finance/Purchasing & Building Committee

Stewart Fett, Chr., David Ward Vice Chr., Rick Wiesner  [Meets the Tuesday preceding Council meeting – 4:00 p.m.]

Among the responsibilities of the Finance/Purchasing and Building Committee are the review and of all bills and claims against the City and the recommendation to the Common Council for payment, with various departments formulates and adjust individual annual budgets and prepares the final budget for approval by Common Council, reviews the purchase of real estate, equipment, furniture, vehicles, and supplies ensuring that competitive bidding is practiced whenever necessary, and that purchases are made in accordance with the Purchasing & Property Accountability Guide. In general deals with all matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the City.

Personnel Committee

Ronald Vandertie, Chr., Stewart Fett, Vice-Chr., Barbara Allmann [Meets at the call of the Chair]

Among the responsibilities of the Personnel Committee are all matters pertaining to the personnel of the City of Sturgeon Bay, including negotiating bargaining agreements with unions, hiring, dismissal, reprimand of employees (except for the Police and Fire Departments which are governed by the Fire & Police Commission), recommending adjustment of salary and benefits for administrative personnel, act on grievances, review requests for new positions.

Parks & Recreation Board

Ronald Vandertie, Chr., Stewart Fett, Laurel Hauser, Bob Bordeau, Chris Larsen, Marilyn Kleist, George Husby, Leif Hagman [Meets at the call of the Chairperson]

Parks & Recreation Committee

Ronald Vandertie, Chr., Stewart Fett, Vice- Chr.,  Laurel Hauser  [Meets the fourth Wednesday of each month – 5:30 p.m.]

Among the responsibilities of the Parks & Recreation Committee are park development and maintenance, recreation programs, boat launch facilities, ball fields, program fees, dock fees/maintenance of municipal docks, beaches, water weeds and all matters pertaining to parks and recreation.

Parking & Traffic Committee

David Ward, Chr., Ronald Vandertie, Vice Chr., Kelly Catarozoli  [Meets the third Monday of each month – 4:00 p.m.]

Among the responsibilities of the Parking & Traffic Committee are traffic patterns in the City, traffic and parking enforcement signs and markings, parking lots, on-street parking and all other matters pertaining to parking and traffic in the City of Sturgeon Bay.

Community Protection & Services

Rick Wiesner, Chr., David Ward, Vice-Chr., Kelly Catarozoli  [Meets the second Thursday of each month – 4:30 p.m.]

Among the responsibilities of the Community Protection & Services Committee are street lighting, cable TV, the recycling program, composting program, garbage pickup, referrals of indigency, licensing and all matters relating to the health and welfare, and protection of the citizens/property of the City of Sturgeon Bay.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Andrew Starr, William Chaudoir, James Goodwin, Wayne Spritka, William Murrock, Chr., David Augustson (Alt. 1), and Justin Kerwin (Alt. 2)  [Meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month – 12:00 p.m.]

The Board of Appeals has the power to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged that there is an error in any order, decision or determination made by the building inspector or the plan commission; to authorize, upon appeal, variances from the terms of the Zoning Code where it will not be contrary to the public interest, where owing to special circumstances the literal enforcement of the provisions of the code will result in unnecessary hardship.

Utility Commission

Thad Birmingham, Mayor, Steve Christoferson, Gary DeNamur, Stewart Fett Council Rep.), Ronald Vandertie (Council Rep.), Cindy Weber, Rick Wiesner (Council Rep.) [Meets on the second Tuesday of the month – 12:00 p.m.]

Fire & Police Commission

Sandy Hurley, Wayne Spritka, David Poulton, Michael VanDyke, Barbara Herdina[Meets at the call of the Chairperson.]

Among the responsibilities of the Police & Fire Commission are the appointment of the chief of police and the chief of the fire department, who shall hold their offices during good behavior, subject to suspension or removal by the board for cause; to adopt, repeal or modify, rules and regulations calculated to secure the best service in the departments and to hear charges against officers brought by the commission, the chief or members of the public.

Sturgeon Bay Harbor Commission

Gary Nault, Chr., Matthew Felhofer, Steve Propsom, Randy Morrow, Paul Mickelson, Robert Spude, Barbara Allmann(Council Rep.)  [Meets at the call of the Chairperson.]

The Harbor Commission maintains control of the commercial aspects of the day-to-day operation of the city’s public harbor and public harbor facilities; the harbor commissioners may make plans as it deems necessary for the improvement of the harbor, to include plans for the acquisition of land for harbor purposes.

Historic Preservation Commission

Dennis Statz, Mark Schuster, J. Eric Paulsen, David Augustson, Chad Shefchik, Barbara Allmann (Council Rep), Jeff Serafico  [Meets at the call of the Chairperson.]

Among the duties of the Historic Preservation Commission are to recommend the designation of potential historic structures, sites, preservation districts or to recommend the recession of such designation; to review proposals which may result in an alteration of an historic structure, site or improvement in an historic district; to work for the continuing education of the citizens of the city about the historic heritage of the city; to maintain a municipal register of historic places.

Board of Review

Myrle Welhaven, Richard Allmann, Danny Wiegand, Cathy Wiese, Robert Loss, Claire Morkin (Alt.), Jim Olsen (Alt.) [Meets according to statutory deadlines.]

The Board of Review meets annually to receive the assessment roll and during that meeting allows taxpayers to examine the assessment roll and other assessment data. The board carefully examines the roll and corrects all apparent errors in description or computation, and adds all omitted property. The board will raise or lower the assessment of any property only after a hearing.

Sturgeon Bay Waterfront Redevelopment Authority

David Ward (Council Rep), Laurel Hauser (Council Rep), Ryan Hoernke, Thomas Herlache, Chr., Cindy Weber, John Asher, Chris Jeanquart [Meets at the call of the Chairperson.]

The responsibility of the Waterfront Redevelopment Authority is the redevelopment of all waterfront areas of the city, so as to eliminate the economic and social liability as may exist and to improve economic growth and aesthetics of the city.

Cable Communication System Advisory Council

Rick Wiesner Chr., Cindy Weber, Dan Tjernagel, Bob Loss, Brad Clinkenbeard  [Meets at the call of the Chairperson.]

Among the duties of the Cable Communications System Advisory Council are to make recommendations to the grantee of the Cable Communications System and to the users of the public, educational and governmental access channels; ensuring that access of the public access channels are available to residents of the city on a non discriminatory basis; planning and developing production and programming on public access channels; and to perform other duties and functions as may be assigned by the Common Council.

Loan Review Committee/Revolving Loan Committee

Stewart Fett, Steven C. Asher, Michael Gilson, Greg Stephan, Thad Birmingham, Josh VanLieshout [Meets at the call of the Chairperson.]

Industrial Park Development Review Team

Barbara Allmann Chr., Sandy Hurley, William Murrock, Caleb Frostman [Meets at call of the Chairperson.]

All new developments within the I-1A and I-2A districts must receive the approval of the Development Review Team DRT. There are three (3) members of the DRT, one (1) member from the Plan Commission or Common Council, one (1) member of the Door County Economic Development Corporation and one (1) owner of a developed parcel within the I-1A or I-2A districts.

Aesthetic Design & Site Plan Review Board

Mark Lake, Dennis Statz, Josh VanLieshout, Dennis VanBramer, Jon Burk, Mark Struck, Cindy Weber[Meets at call of the Chairperson.]

The five citizen member board reviews new developments outside of the Waterfront, Historic, and Industrial Park districts, not including single-family or two-family dwellings.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board

Please visit our website for our membership and information about our advisory board.