Fire Department Services

First Responder Service

fire department bay shipAlong with normal fire fighting duties the department provided emergency medical First Responder service to the city. The department responds to over seven hundred emergency medical calls each year. The First Responders are trained in Automatic External Defibrillation and have had several successful saves along with the Door County Emergency Services Paramedics.

The department provides for confined space rescue, cold water/ice rescue, collapse rescue, ropes rescue, automobile extrication, and carbon monoxide checks for residents. Approximately one thousand runs are answered by the department annually.

Fire Safety

firefighter and children firehoseThe Department provides public fire safety education training yearly to students in four public elementary schools and three parochial schools along with many pre-school facilities. The department also does fire safety education programs for area industry, commercial businesses, and public sector employees. Contact the Fire Department if you business or industry is interested in fire safety training.

Fire Station Tours

The Fire Department is always open to the public for tours. We regularly have Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Girl Scout troops and school groups here to see what we do and our trucks. If your interested in a tour just call us at 920-746-2916 and we will schedule a time that fits your schedule.


The Department inspects all public buildings twice a year for safety code violations as deputy inspectors for the Department of Commerce. Questions regarding inspections or violations can be directed to the department by calling 920-746-2916.

Burning Permit

The department does issue burning permits on occasion. To obtain a burning permit, you must contact the department by calling 920-746-2916. An inspection of the site will be made by department members prior to a permit being issued. The permits are issued on a daily basis depending on weather conditions and what is being burned. There are strict guidelines issued by the Department of Natural Resources concerning burning, that must be followed. The Fire Department encourages recycling of household materials (no garbage is permitted to be burned) and brush is to be deposited at the site on Division Road.

Fire Works

A permit must be obtained from the Fire Department for aerial displays of fireworks. A certificate of liability for $1,000,000 must be presented naming the City of Sturgeon Bay as a coinsured in order to obtain a permit. The permit must be obtained from the Fire Chief.

Smoke Detectors

Are required by state law in all dwelling units. In rental units, the landlord is required to install and maintain the detectors, the renter is responsible for replacing the batteries in individual units.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The Fire Department encourages residents to purchase and install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes. Carbon monoxide detectors can be purchased at local businesses. Contact the Fire Department for recommendations on the type of detector to purchase and where it should be located within your home.

Emergency Weather Warning Sirens

The Fire Department has the responsibility of making sure that the emergency weather warning sirens are operational. There are six emergency weather warning sirens in the City. The east side sirens are located at: Florida Street near the boat launching ramp; at the intersection of Canal Road and Cove Road; at the intersection of North 14th Avenue and Georgia Street. The west side sirens are located at: Clay Banks Road and Galley Drive; at the Sturgeon Bay Utility office building; and on Green Bay Road near the Sturgeon Bay Metal Products building. The sirens are tested at noon on the first day of the month. The sirens are activated by the Door County 9-1-1 Dispatch Center in an emergency and are only activated when a tornado is sighted. The Fire Department encourages residents to purchase weather alert radios for immediate alert from the National Weather Service in case of severe weather. These radios can be purchased from the Door County Emergency Management Office located at 319 South 18th Avenue or by calling 920-746-7101.

Fire Extinguishers

The fire department encourages residents to have fire extinguishers available in case of fire. They can be purchased at local businesses. Contact the Fire Department for information on the type and size of extinguisher that is needed. They can also tell you where the extinguishers should be located and how to use them.

Area Served

The department contracts fire protection services for the Town of Sevastopol and the Town of Sturgeon Bay. The department covers approximately seventy square miles. The fire district runs fifteen miles north of the city and six miles south of the city. Approximately one hundred and twenty five runs are into these two towns annually.